Why us?

Our Experience

Our team has a combined experience of more than 5 years in delivering training and events. We have not only worked on and delivered some of the most successful events in our industry but we have also directed training courses with the leading suppliers of event management training. SEMA Academy’s approach to training is not only award winning but also recognized across the industry as the standard.

Our Courses and Connections

More important than our experience is the fact that we have built a huge network of industry partners. These are individuals, organizations, companies, charities, agencies and venues who know us, like what we do, who trust us and into which we can place and refer our event management students.

For others the objective is to excel within an existing role, whether that is as an Executive Event Manager or ‘the person everyone goes to when an event needs to happen’. The best practice within the events industry and the insights from its leaders is crucial to enable us to keep up to date. We are on top of changes, principally through our personal contacts with owners, MDs and partners of the top agencies and suppliers within the event management industry. The digital revolution is changing everything, not least the role of live experiences. As a result we work hard to provide you with an event management training course that is current, relevant and appropriate.

Every year we aim to place more than 200 Saudi Students into roles within the industry.